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Enrolling in Bounce Proof Plus allows your VISA® Debit Card purchases to be approved up to your Bounce Proof limit,* even if there isn't enough money available in your account when you make your purchase. Please take a moment to enroll in Bounce Proof Plus below and click "Submit" below. Once you enroll, you will receive a confirmation of your selection in the mail.

Bounce Proof Plus:

  • No enrollment fee*
  • Convenient
  • A safe backup plan in case of an emergency

Don't get caught off guard when you least expect it. Say "Yes" to Bounce Proof Plus and enroll today. If you have questions, please call us at 1-800-274-4482 or email Thank you!

*Normal overdraft fees of $35 per item will apply, whether the overdraft is caused by check, in-person withdrawal or electronic means.

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